Business Forms

Business Forms

The Naked Business HR & WHS Team can customise any of the following forms to suit your specific business. Feel free to phone our Client Care Hotline on 1300 625 331 or email us at We’re here to help you and your business!

Man Filling out Tax Form


  • Job Application Form
  • Job Description Form
  • Reference Check Form
  • Statutory Declaration – Health Declaration

Pay and Conditions

  • Leave Form
  • Pay Slip
  • Request for Parental Leave Form
  • Request for Part-time/Flexible Work Arrangements
  • Request to Cash Out Leave
  • Request to Vary Parental Leave
  • Statement of Termination Entitlements
  • Statutory Declaration – Compassionate Leave
  • Statutory Declaration – Personal/Carers Leave
  • Timesheet Form

Employee Conduct and Performance

  • Performance Appraisal Form

Termination and Redundancy

  • Exit Interview
  • Statement of Termination Entitlements

OHS and Workers Compensation

  • Approved Contractors Register
  • Contractor Induction Form
  • Document Amendment Register
  • Document Register
  • Hazard Report Form
  • Hazard and Risk Analysis Sheet
  • Incident and Investigation Report
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Meeting Agenda Template
  • Meeting Minutes Template
  • Plant Register
  • Register of Noise Sources
  • Resolution of a WHS Problem Flow Chart
  • Return to Work Plan
  • Risk Management Register
  • Safe Work Procedure Template
  • Training Record of Attendance
  • WHS Training Plan
  • Workplace Substance Register

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