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A lot of people don’t like to sell. And like most things in life, when you don’t enjoy something, it’s difficult to excel at it.

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Our Corporate Sales Directors LOVE to SELL!

Selling with the highest integrity, of ‘pure heart’ and genuine conviction is unfortunately becoming a lost art. Why continue to struggle against your natural flow, trying to do something you know your business needs, but you don’t enjoy?

Let us help you …

Naked Business Corporate Sales Division (CSD) is a ‘virtual sales team’.

We sell your products/services on your behalf – with integrity, care and most importantly … results!

What we don’t do;

We do NOT go door-to-door, nor do we stand in a retail shop selling for you.

What we do;

We go after the BIG clients, the large ‘corporate elephants’ in your marketplace. The Corporate Sales Division specialise in the high-end market, landing large contracts and developing relationships at the senior level for your business.

Our crack team of expert corporate sales directors thrive on the ‘thrill of the hunt’ and they’re exceptionally gifted in the art of successful corporate selling.

Benefits to you …

  • You do not have to train your sales team to sell – already exceptionally highly-trained
  • Rapid industry ‘learning curve’ – achieve results faster!
  • Proven performers in high-end sales
  • Low overheads for you (no car payments, mobile phone bills, superannuation, etc.)
  • No stressful managing of sales teams
  • Lead Generation Strategies (included in brief)
  • Almost no paperwork
  • Commercial Confidentiality
  • Monthly Activity Reporting (including Sales Results)
  • Tax Deductable investment
  • No Long-Term Contracts

If you’d like to ‘unleash our corporate sales team’ in your marketplace, please phone our Client Care Hotline on 1300 625 331 or email us at

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Client Care Hotline

Client Care Hotline