Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I apply for a loan?

A. It’s easy! Simply phone our Client Care Hotline on 1300 625 331 and one of our friendly experienced team members will answer any questions you have and take your application over the phone in minutes.


Q. What happens after my loan is approved?

A. Once your loan is approved; we’ll contact you and let you know. Then we simply get the loan documents signed and we arrange payment of the goods for you. Then you’re able to go and collect your new purchase!


Q. Can Naked Finance get me the best interest rate available?

A. Definitely. Before even approaching lenders, we take the time to understand your specific circumstances. With such a diverse group of lenders in our group, offering such a comprehensive range of financial products to select from, we present your application to lenders best suited to your individual circumstances ensuring that you get the lowest interest rate available for your type of loan.


Q. How long will it take to get my loan approved?

A. Once we take your application, most loans are approved within 24 hours.


Q. Can I get finance if I want to buy a vehicle privately?

A. Yes, you can. Naked Finance arranges loans for new or used cars purchased from dealerships or bought privately.


Q. What if I want to get a pre-approved loan, before I find a vehicle?

A. Yes, we can help you. By organising a pre-approved loan, you may be able to negotiate an even better deal and you also know your budget, how much you can spend and what your repayments will be.


Q. Do you help self-employed people get loans?

A. Yes, we do. Your Naked Finance team have successfully helped many people get No Doc Loans and Low Doc Loans approved. Give us a call on 1300 625 331 and let us help you.


Q. What if I have a bad credit rating? Is it still possible for me to get a loan?

A. With so many financial products available, your Naked Finance team will identify the best lenders to specifically suit your personal circumstances and work in closely with you to help you secure the best possible loan.


Q. Are there any loan application costs?

A. There are absolutely NO COSTS to apply for a loan.  Once your loan is approved, there is a one off broker fee to cover our expenses. This one-off fee is incorporated into your loan repayments.


Q. What term can my loan be spread over?

A. Your loan can be financed over 1 to 7 years (with the exception of home loans), depending upon your specific circumstances and preferences.


Q. Are my personal details kept confidential?

A. Yes. Your personal information will ONLY be used to get your loan approved.

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Client Care Hotline

Client Care Hotline