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Comprehensive Insurance is usually required when you finance the purchase of your car, boat, bike, camper or caravan, as it is a requirement of lenders, part of the loan contract,  when the purchase is being used as security.

For any loan you can arrange comprehensive insurance from the insurer of your choice, or ask us and we can arrange a quote.

Comprehensive Insurance provides benefits to yourself, your family and 3rd parties by protecting the value of your vehicle and protecting yourself in accidents, including those with 3rd parties.

Each insurer will have their own Product Disclosure Statement for their product which will detail what is covered, benefits, level of covers and any exclusions that may apply.

Some benefits that you may wish to consider whether they are important to you are:-

  • New for old replacement
  • Agreed or Market Value
  • Choice of Repairer
  • Pay by the month option
  • Hire Car for accidents or theft
  • Windscreen Cover
  • Multipolicy discounts
  • Excess Options
  • Emergency Assistance

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Comprehensive Insurance can be easily financed into most loans, so you don’t have to outlay further money when purchasing your dream.

With a lot of options in the marketplace, it is important to decide on a policy that provides value not only in your insurance premium, but in the range of added benefits that come with a flexible policy.


We care about you, your family and your financial best interests.

Naked Business is NOT a finance company, nor are we finance brokers. There are many finance providers and insurance brokers in the marketplace and we have a trusted relationship with several finance providers and insurance brokers of the highest calibre and industry standing, whom we entrust to care for our clients’ best financial interests.

So as a client of Naked Business, you can rest assured that we will only ever refer you to a financial professional, has passed our stringent selection criteria which includes; fully qualified financial authority, utmost morals and ethics, professionalism and efficiency, industry reputation and standing, financial experience and competence, and most importantly, a personal commitment and responsibility to always act in our client’s (your) best financial interests.

Naked Business has earned an impressive reputation in the business community for exceptional client care. As a client, you can now enjoy this exclusive personal service whilst referred to one of our select financial partners or trusted brokers.

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